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Charting Pediatrics

Jan 16, 2018

Today on the podcast, we're discussing adolescent bariatric surgery with Thomas Inge, MD. Dr. Inge is the division head of Pediatric Surgery and the Director of the Bariatric Surgery Center at Children's Colorado, as well as a professor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

In this episode:

  • Where bariatric surgery fits within available options for the morbidly obese adolescent patient
  • Common medical indicators that a patient could be a successful candidate for bariatric surgery, as they indicate general readiness and suitability to a primary care provider
  • Key contraindications for bariatric surgery
  • The impact of patient age and how to assess maturity, both skeletal and psychological
  • The types of bariatric operations that are suitable for adolescents
  • What the Multicenter Teen-LABS study, led by Dr. Inge, means for adolescents