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Charting Pediatrics

Nov 22, 2022

Although Acute Appendicitis(AA) is the most common acute surgical conditions encountered by children, multiple aspects of the approach to management of AA remain well debated. Despite recent advancements in management, including scoring systems, imaging, antibiotics, the variations in management options, from appendectomy to a laparotomic approach to non-operative management (NOM) remain topics of intense discussion.  And with no absolute consensus in the literature, controversy among surgeons and faculty persists.

This episode was broadcasted live from the AAP conference in Anaheim California. Today, I am delighted to be speaking with Dr. Lorraine Kelley-Quon.

Dr. Kelley-Quon is joining us from Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she practices as a pediatric surgeon and is an assistant professor of surgery and population and public health sciences at Keck school of Medicine at the University of Southern California.