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Charting Pediatrics

Jul 1, 2020

In this our 16th COVID-19 podcast, we will delve into the return to school guidance that both Children’s Hospital Colorado and the American Academy of Pediatrics have released and talk about how pediatricians can be advocates for the safe return to in-person learning in their communities.

When schools across the United States halted in-person learning because of COVID-19 this Spring, many of us never predicted that students would remain in a remote learning status for the remainder of the school year. As school districts and teachers worked tirelessly to utilize all resources at their disposal, it became apparent that virtual learning was not an ideal education setting. From the lack of learning equity and access to critical services for many students to mental health impacts, many educators and pediatricians began talking about the importance of in-person learning resuming in some fashion for fall 2020. 

Today we are joined by returning guest Sean O’Leary, MD. Sean is an infectious disease physician at Children’s Colorado and Director of the Colorado Pediatric Practice-Based Research Network.

And we are happy to welcome Heidi Baskfield, JD to the podcast. Heidi is a lawyer by training and the Vice President of Population Health and Advocacy at Children's Hospital Colorado.

COVID-19 Return to School Risk-Based Guide from Children's Hospital Colorado

COVID-19 Planning Considerations: Guidance For School Re-Entry from the AAP

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