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Charting Pediatrics

Jan 13, 2022

Today's episode is underwritten by Allstate, a proud supporter of Charting Pediatrics and Children's Hospital Colorado. Allstate believes in empowering youth and transforming communities. Thank you to Allstate for partnering with Children's Colorado to create innovative, long-term solutions for those in need. Please visit our Charting Pediatrics website to learn more about becoming an underwriting sponsor. 

While our pediatric patients have been at lower risk for severe disease during the COVID pandemic, its direct and indirect repercussions on pediatric illnesses have been experienced. In this episode we are going to unpack the impact that COVID has had on pediatric critical care.  

Today I am joined by my colleague, Dr. Cam Gunville. Cam serves as our Medical Director of our PICU and is Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Critical Care at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.