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Charting Pediatrics

Aug 24, 2021

Join Dr. Brumbaugh, Dr. Cataldi and Dr. Dominguez for the next Virtual COVID-19 Town Hall for Pediatric Providers, Thursday, September 9 at 6PM MST. Register here: 

COVID-19 is once again dominating concerns for pediatric providers as we prepare for back to school across the U.S.

Between the rise of the Delta variant, national nursing shortages, mask mandates and the eager anticipation of EUA approval for the COVID vaccine use in kids aged 5-11... we in healthcare find ourselves in a sobering reality. In this episode we are joined by Jessica Cataldi, MD and Sam Dominguez, MD, PhD to overview the latest impacts of the pandemic on pediatrics.


Masks and development/learning in young kids

Masking in Schools Literature Review

Low secondary transmission in schools when masking in place

Note that the most frequently cited article about masks and children being harmful has been retracted due to concerns of fraud and misrepresentation of methods and findings.

Dr. Cataldi's recipe for marinated cucumber and tomato salad (add dill & feta)

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