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Charting Pediatrics

Sep 6, 2022

The youth mental health crisis in America is not a new problem. The pandemic drove unprecedented numbers of kids to seek care at all levels and really brought this to the public’s attention. In 2021, to highlight the mental health crisis in the United States, the surgeon general’s office issued the Youth Mental Health Advisory. Today, as we begin our season 6 focus on mental health with our Charting Pediatrics Mental Health series, we are privileged to talk with our U.S Surgeon General, Dr. Vivek Murthy, and our very own Mental Health In-Chief Ron-Li Liaw.

Vivek Murthy serves as the 21st Surgeon General of the United States. Dr. Murthy is a renowned physician, research scientist, and entrepreneur. As the Nation's Doctor, the Surgeon General's mission is to help lay the foundation for a healthier country. Dr. Ron- Li Liaw is the Cannon Y. & Lyndia Harvey Chair in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, the vice chair of Diversity, Equity, and inclusion and most recently, Ron-Li has been announced as the first ever Mental Health In-Chief for Children’s Hospital Colorado.

Today's episode is underwritten by Ent Credit Union, proud supporter of Charting Pediatrics and Children's Hospital Colorado.