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Charting Pediatrics

Jan 10, 2023

Each year hundreds of children are listed for liver transplants across the United States. Whether these children have chronic liver disease or acute liver failure, too many children spend months or even years waiting for an organ. Historically, deceased organ transplants have been the most common type of organ donation. However, the outcome for many children with chronic liver disease is to experience long wait times with poor quality of life. Too many children die while waiting for a transplant. Living donor transplants have emerged as a new way to care for children with chronic liver disease. Relatives, friends and even strangers serve as living donors to help patients bypass long and uncertain wait times. In this episode, we are joined by two experts from our living donor program to share more about this organ donation option.

Today, I am excited to be speaking with Dr. Amy Feldman and Dr. Megan Adams.

Dr. Feldman is a pediatric Gastroenterologist and is the Director of the Liver Transplant program here at Children’s Hospital Colorado. Dr. Megan Adams is the surgical director of the pediatric living donor transplantation and pediatric transplant clinical reach team here at Children’s Hospital Colorado.