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Charting Pediatrics

Jan 31, 2023

In this series, we have talked about the importance of family-based therapy and family centered care. Today we are going to discuss what family-based care looks like from the perspective of a psychologist and from a Dad.

Today, I am excited to be speaking with Julia Barnes, MD and William Mowle.

Dr. Julia Barnes is a licensed clinical psychologist at the pediatric mental health institute here at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She is the faculty co-chair for Children’s mental health family advisory board council and an assistant professor at the university of Colorado school of medicine. Bill Mowle is the parent co-chair for the mental health family advisory council. 

Today’s podcast is underwritten by Alpine Bank, supporters of Charting Pediatrics and Children’s Hospital Colorado. Alpine Bank is proud to call Colorado home and is committed to supporting the community through philanthropic initiatives like their Loyalty Debit Card program, where the bank partners with its customers to raise funds to directly benefit Children’s Colorado. Learn how you can get involved at Alpine Bank dot com slash CHCO card. Thank you to Alpine Bank for the continued support of Children’s Colorado.