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Charting Pediatrics

Aug 28, 2018

Caring for children with Down syndrome can be complicated. Francis Hickey, MD, Medical Director of the Sie Center for Down Syndrome, joins us to discuss primary care for kids and adolescents with Down syndrome (trisomy 21 syndrome).

In this episode:

  • Recommendations for making an initial Down syndrome diagnosis
  • The importance of congratulating parents on the birth of their child
  • Helpful tips for siblings of children with Down syndrome
  • What pediatricians should expect for growth and developmental milestones
  • The importance of early visual stimulation for children with Down syndrome
  • Why it’s more important to focus on progress rather than on hitting specific goals
  • Common Down syndrome-related GI, ENT, pulmonary and orthopedic problems to watch for
  • The three most important screenings for Down syndrome patients: thyroid, vision and hearing
  • Endocrine challenges and the autoimmune cluster
  • How to recognize the onset of autism in children with Down syndrome
  • Significant concerns to watch out for when adolescents with Down syndrome move into puberty
  • Practical references available for primary care providers
  • Special accommodations and educational advocacy for children with Down syndrome in the public school system


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