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Charting Pediatrics

Mar 27, 2018

Today, we're discussing celiac disease with guest Edwin Liu, MD. Dr. Liu is an international leader in the research and management of celiac disease, the Director of the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease at Children's Colorado and a professor of pediatrics at the CU School of Medicine.

In this episode:

  • How the prevalence of celiac disease has changed over time and what that means
  • The hygiene hypothesis and its role in infectious diseases
  • The ways that the clinical representations of children with celiac disease have changed
  • Untraditional symptoms and signs of celiac disease in children
  • The relationship between type 1 diabetes and celiac disease
  • An outline and definition of the non-genetic, environmental triggers of celiac disease
  • The tests to order if you suspect a child may have celiac disease
  • The populations that should be screened for celiac disease because of their risk factors
  • What distinguishes celiac disease from gluten sensitivity
  • The importance of and how to go about educating families on diet after their child is diagnosed with celiac disease
  • The answer of whether or not there's a chance that children can grow out of having celiac disease
  • Exploring the misconception of celiac disease as an "under dog" condition