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Charting Pediatrics

Aug 7, 2018

Welcome to season two of Charting Pediatrics. In this episode we address the timely and serious topic of firearm safety with Eric Sigel, MD. Dr. Sigel is the Fellowship Director of Adolescent Medicine at Children's Colorado and professor of pediatrics at CU Medicine.

In this episode:

  • The AAP gun safety guidelines
  • Principles that implicate firearms in suicide deaths
  • The risks of having firearms in the home
  • What age to start addressing firearm safety with your patients and families
  • Approaches for addressing gun safety with parents and patients
  • Informing people of the importance of safe storage for firearms
  • Ways to become involved in the advocacy efforts around gun safety

American Academy of Pediatrics Gun Violence Policy Recommendations

American Academy of Pediatrics Gun Violence Prevention

AAP News & Journals: Firearm Related Injuries Affecting the Pediatric Population