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Charting Pediatrics

Aug 12, 2022

Welcome back Charting Pediatrics listeners! We are so excited to announce that the sixth season of the podcast will release on August 23rd. In this new season, our host team will bring you the latest and greatest in pediatrics along with the bread-and-butter topics that help you in your daily practices. In addition, the Charting Pediatrics team is excited to launch a 12-part Mental Health Series. This series will take a deep dive into relevant behavior health topics that will help inform and equip primary care providers in these challenging times. These episodes will cover a variety of topics such as the history of pediatric mental health, stress and resiliency management, trauma informed care and more.

In today’s teaser episode, we are joined by Ron-Li Liaw. Ron-Li is our inaugural Mental Health-in-Chief at Children’s Hospital Colorado and has teamed up with us to create this exciting new series.  

On behalf of the host team, thank you for your faithful support in listening and engaging with us and also sharing the content with your colleagues. Be sure to join us weekly for yet another great season!