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Charting Pediatrics

Feb 26, 2020

State-level vaccination advocacy is the topic of today's podcast with Zach Zaslow, Director of Government Affairs at Children's Hospital Colorado.

Colorado’s current vaccination rate for the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine among kindergarteners is 87.4%, one of the lowest in the nation. After more than 15 hours of testimony in committee hearing on February 19, Colorado Senate Bill 163, which aims to standardize and challenge vaccine exemption, passed its first hearing 3-2. Today we are bringing you a special edition of Charting Pediatrics to discuss vaccine legislation and advocacy in our local state of Colorado, specifically Senate Bill 163, which sets a Colorado- statewide immunization goal of 95%.

Zach Zaslow, Director of Government Affairs for Children’s Hospital Colorado, directs local, state, and federal policy and advocacy efforts with the goal of improving child health by being a voice for kids when and where public policy decisions are being made.

Join our 11,000+ advocates who speak up clearly and powerfully for kids’ health when public policy decisions are made by signing up today to be a Child Health Champion: To learn more about general advocacy efforts at Children’s Hospital Colorado visit Finally, email with questions or if you’d like to get more involved by joining our and the Colorado AAP's statewide pediatricians' advocacy network, penning letters to the editor, attending advocacy events and more.
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