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Charting Pediatrics

Aug 13, 2021

Our Summer 2021 Series features the rebroadcast of some of our most listened-to episodes from the last 4 seasons of Charting Pediatrics. Do you have a guest or topic suggestion for Season 5? Let us know,

Safety and teamwork are second nature for pediatric providers. In medicine, we have long looked to the airline industry as a leader in the application of crisis response and as the ideal of high reliability. Coming from a shared reality that even the most experienced professionals are vulnerable to human error, both aviation and medical professionals rely on problem-solving strategies to optimize responses to critical incidents.

In this episode we discuss the collaborative work of physicians at Children's Colorado's Heart Institute and Human Factors and Pilot Development leaders at United Airlines.

Our guests are Robby Bishop, MD, Director of the Simulation Lab at the Children's Hospital Colorado Heart Institute; Rob Strickland, Senior Manager of Human Factors and Pilot Development at United Airlines; and Carlos Porges, Psy.D, Neuropsychologist, Boeing 757/767 Pilot and member of the Human Factors and Development Team at United Airlines.

Paper: Crisis Resource Management in Medicine: A Clarion Call for Change

Video: Crisis Resource Management in Medicine: A Clarion Call for Change

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