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Charting Pediatrics

Aug 13, 2019

Cryptorchidism or undescended testis (UDT) is one of the most common pediatric disorders of the male endocrine glands and the most common genital disorder identified at birth. The main reasons for treatment of cryptorchidism include increased risks of impairment of fertility potential, testicular malignancy, torsion and/or associated inguinal hernia.

In today’s episode we will talk with Brian Caldwell, MD about the difference in presentation of undescended vs retractile testis, approaches to treatment and long-term prognosis for these patients.

Dr. Caldwell is a Pediatric Urologist from the Children's Hospital Colorado, Colorado Springs faculty and is an associate professor of surgery and urology at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

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Dr. Caldwell can be reached through OneCall, 720-777-3999.