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Charting Pediatrics

Oct 16, 2018

In today’s episode, we’re examining a case that started in a primary care pediatrician’s office and ended in the Children’s Hospital Colorado Aerodigestive Program.

 Joining us are the three physicians involved in the patient’s care examine: Larissa Applegate, MD, a pediatrician at Pediatrics West in Wheat Ridge, Colorado; RyanCaltagirone, MD, a pediatricemergency room physician at Children’s Colorado; and Sven Streubel, MD, an otolaryngologist with Children's Colorado.

 In this episode:

  • Our three guests examine their roles in the patient’s care and share their key takeaways to inform other medical professionals
  • The origins of the case and how the patient, baby Rachel, first presented in the hospital
  • Steps taken once Rachel’s respiratory struggles were evident and next steps to get her to the Emergency Department
  • Importance of clear communication between departments and with patient families in complex, multidisciplinary cases
  • Approaching a patient who presents with laryngomalacia from an ENT perspective
  • Using a bedside scope to determine the severity of the laryngomalacia
  • The various elements of Rachel’s multidisciplinary care, including: admission procedure, observation of feedings, continued oxygen support and plan for next steps
  • Most common medical treatment plan for patients with laryngomalacia
  • Designing a long-term management plan for a child with laryngomalacia that supports the patient as well as their family
  • Accounting for comorbidities that come along with laryngomalacia
  • Update from patient and key takeaways from the case