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Charting Pediatrics

Jul 19, 2022

Each year, global neonatal mortality accounts for nearly 2.4 million deaths. Most of these occur during the first weeks or even within the first few minutes of life. With simple resuscitation training and newborn care interventions, many of these deaths can be prevented. Helping Babies Breathe (HBB) is a skills-based program for medical staff in settings that have limited resources. Since its release in 2010, it has been implemented in over 80 countries. Today we are going to be talking with a pediatrician who has dedicated her career to serving kids in a global context. As an individual provider on the front lines to now directing these programs. 

This episode was recorded at the 2022 PAS Conference in Denver, Colorado.  I am honored to be speaking with Dr. Beena Kamath- Rayne.  

Beena Kamath-Rayne is currently the Vice President of Global Newborn and Child Health in the Division of Global Health and Life Support.  In her role at the AAP, Dr. Kamath-Rayne is advancing AAP training programs and technical assistance in global newborn and child health.