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Charting Pediatrics

Nov 15, 2022

Today, a vast majority of teenagers and adolescents dedicate their time to athletics. In fact, nearly 8 million students participate in high school sports. With the increasing popularity of club sports, most kids are practicing and playing their dedicated sports year-round. Participating in organized sports allows kids to become a part of a team and improves both physical and mental health. However, an injury to an athlete can impact their ability to perform and practice and can be devastating mentally. On today’s episode, we will be discussing common orthopedic injuries among student athletes and how these injuries can be treated and prevented.

Welcome to Charting Pediatrics. I’m your host Dan Nicklas. If you are new with us, welcome to our pediatric provider community where we release an episode every Tuesday, and special updates to cover hot topics that impact pediatric providers.

 Today I am happy to be speaking with Dr. Curtis VandenBerg.

Dr. Curt VandenBerg is a Sports medicine surgeon with Children's Hospital Colorado and the University of Colorado school of medicine.