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Charting Pediatrics

Nov 26, 2019

Each year thousands of babies born neonatal abstinence syndrome and require specialized medical and psycho-social support. In this episode we discuss the care for newborns who have been exposed to substances, specifically how primary care providers can understand the child's needs and support their caregivers. We are joined by Stephen Patrick, MD from the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine and recorded this discussion live from the 2019 American Academy of Pediatrics NCE in New Orleans. 

Dr. Patrick is a neonatologist and associate professor of pediatrics and is Director at the Vanderbilt Center for Child Health Policy. You can view Dr. Patrick's 2019 AAP NCE plenary session on this topic here.

You can reach Dr. Patrick on Twitter @stephenwpatrick and Dr. Brumbaugh on Twitter @DBrumbaughMD

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